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cropped update July 14 pastor with coffeeGreetings….

You maybe looking for a new place to worship and a church family to grow together with.  Searching for a church home is exciting, can be time consuming, and is always a little scary.  We understand!  We want you to know that Life Community Church is a hospital for sick people, not a museum for “stain-glassed saints”.  We are all a family of forgiven, imperfect people, moving forward together to worship, walk and work with a perfect God.  Life is a place where people are real, and God and His Word rules.  We feel called to CARRY God’s love to the world around us, help people CONNECT to God and his community here on earth, “the church”, and then CULTIVATE those relationships.  We hope that you will come and give us a look to see if this might be where God is leading you and your family.  If you do, would you please come up and say hi to me?  I would love to meet you, and get your thoughts on your visit with us, or answer any question you might have.

Until then – All God’s Blessings!

Pastor Keith

“JUST SAYIN”    –  “How Sharp Is Our Sword?Sword-9860-mediumSword-9860-medium

For sometime now God has given me a burden to equip his family with what they need to lead a victorious life down here on this earth.  He tells us in His Word that our struggle is not in what we see, the physical world around us, by with “spiritual forces in high places.”  In other words, with Satan and the demonic world.  In order to defend ourselves we need to put on the spiritual armor that is listed our for us in chapter 6 of the letter to the Ephesians.  And my burden, in particular, is the “Sword of the Spirit” which we are told is the Word of God.  Over the years that I have had the privilege to serve as a pastor, I have witnessed an alarming decline in the average Christian’s basic understanding of God’s Word, and in particular the Old Testament.  The Apostle Paul tells us in his letter to Timothy that ALL scripture, Old Testament too, is profitable for believers.  Jesus tells us that all Scripture points to Him.

That is why we are starting a new study this Sunday where we will be going through all 66 books of the Bible.  Each Sunday we will have a teaching from a different book.  Each Sunday we will discover the purpose of the Book and how it ties in with the rest of the Bible, and God’s plan of salvation for mankind.

We hope that you can come and join us as we sharpen our Sword skill together so that we can move forward victoriously in our walk as followers of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Keith