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Keith Newsome

Keith Newsome and his wife Cid felt called to pastor Life in August of 2011. Pastor Keith is an ordained minister with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. He has acted as a senior pastor for the last 27 years, pastoring church families in Kailua Hawaii, Cathedral City, California, and now in Templeton, California. Before that he acted as Assistant Pastor for 4 years at Trinity Evangelical church in Issaquah, Washington as well as Youth Pastor for 1 year, and prior to that he traveled around the country for 3 years ministering with a contemporary Christian rock group. He met his wife Cid while on tour with that music group. They have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren. Over the years they had the privilege of taking in 15 foster children; two of which they adopted. Pastor Keith graduated from International Bible College in Honolulu, Hi. with a degree in Pastoral Studies. He has served on many District executive committees in 2 different districts, as well as acting as district elder/ representative for the 13 churches in Hawaii.





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